Educational technology : Role in Daily Life

educational Technology

educational Technology

Educational technology : Role in Daily Life

Educational technology is such a technology by which education can be understood in a very easy way . The whole education is  promoted very well and children are  taught with a lot of technologies. The science of such a method by which the purpose of education can be achieved . The definition can be told, the best methods can be obtained from the extent.

What is the meaning of education technology?

Educational technology (also called learning technology) refers to the study and ethical practice of improving learning and performance through the creation, use, and management of appropriate technological processes and resources. Instructional theory and learning theory are often associated and included with the term educational technology

What are the types of educational technology

these are three types
Synchronous and Asynchronous
linear learning,
Collaborative Learning.

what is the use of educational technology?

it is very helpful for students . it helps students to attend their classes, collaborate, with studies engage with remote students, or learning in a new way, inside the classroom and outside of it also . Educational Technology [Edtech ]is often a synonym for education technology.

What are the five components of educational technology?

learning management systems,

LMS is a tool that allows you to create test assignments and programs, and prepare reports, etc. With the help of this, we can prepare any homework and reports that are related to our education.
It is used to learn new techniques and it is a concentrated source of learning. Educational resources are sold at different places, we get all this at one place, that is why it is given importance.

educational apps,

Education app is such an app from which we can get our education . this education can be done sitting anywhere, sitting from any corner of the country. you can get your education from the teacher sitting in the corner of any country.

For example, Byju’s, which has become a very famous application in India . has become very famous due to very attractive videos and teachers teaching online.

Many children get their education on it and It is very attractive to come to them, they teach children with great entertainment by making good videos in various ways .

so that the feeling of reading remains inside the children and they do not get bored .


This is such an application sir on which children can get education even by playing games, this is a very interesting game, in which we get to learn a lot along with games .

This thing also attracts children a lot and makes them want to read. I engage their mind as well as they enjoy playing the game .

Many such games have been made so that we also get knowledge such as doing the right thing with Hindi Grammar word and telling the correct meaning of words etc .

All the games have come so that the intelligence of our mind is also sharp and we find it easy to study as well as our hobby of games is also fulfilled.

virtual and augmented reality

It accomplishes two different things in a different way even though their devices are of similar design . AR gives us information on top of what you will already be seeing, thus the work of both is different but their work is to give us information.

Artificial intelligence.

artificial intelligence e means to artificially create artificial intelligence power . It is used in making computer and robot
These are also made and prepared in the same way as man lives his life and live them on arguments too.

why use of educational technology is necessary?

Educational technology is very useful for the accumulation, dissemination and development of knowledge for the society. It has a lot of benefits, through educational technology .

The knowledge and skills of a teacher, leader or social reformer can be easily conveyed to every part of the society through television, radio and speech etc.

Which is a very good facility, its usefulness is important for the society.


What are the components of educational technology?

There is a continuous interaction between the educational .technology

1. hardware
2. software
through which efforts are made to increase the effectiveness of education,
1.improve teaching and learning,
2. solve their problems.

There are three approaches or forms of educational technology-educational tocology

hard craft approach .

soft craft approach and systems In today’s modern time.

educational techniques are increasing, we can reach a very good place in our education . there are many such for children, they can take different types of education from , now sitting at home with their entertainment- Along with this, you can also increase your knowledge.

many such games have been made, with which their mind goes ahead in studies and their sports also happen, but along with its advantages, there are disadvantages as well.

Children’s screen time increases. And due to which they are suffering from eye diseases and are wearing glasses.

then all things should be used in a rule so that there is no harm to them, there is only benefit, if we use technology properly, then it is our boon.

Compared to earlier times, today’s children are progressing a lot in studies with all these things . It gives interest and I study with my heart, they are ready to study without anyone saying .

whereas earlier these If it was not so due to lack of things, then the effect of these things has been studied in many ways.

Children now prepare very well for their chosen field according to their interest . Not only for small children, but also for older children. Do it online, do it sitting at home, there are many such platforms which are promoting education

Small children are teach in very attractive ways through beautiful videos which make their interest very much . They   happily read them like their point ABC and lots of knowledge things .

Which can be given to them in the form of stories or Then it is teach  through a video cartoon, it affects their mind quickly.
This is shows the role of educational technologies in daily life .



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