Religious Education : A Path to inner Peace

Religious Education : A Path to inner Peace

 Religious education


Religious education means respect for all religions, difference of basic ideal elements means getting equal respect to all. caste religions. In this education, we teach children to respect all religions, only this gives mental and inner peace to the person .  So, religious education is a very important thing for mental and inner peace, in present times religious education. it is very important and it is very much needed

About Religious Education

Religious addiction is related to our religion which gives the message of “Dharma Sarve Bhavantu Sukhin: Sarve Santu Niramaya”. There is a high human discipline in the house which makes a person cultured and teaches to live with culture. Therefore, the moral education we talk about can be made effective. by linking it to the Sanskrit environment of religious education. Religious education committee develops very well and I become a very good citizen, it also gives him mental and inner peace and I one can attain salvation in one’s life.

Article 28 of the constitution is giving permission to different religions. There is no restriction on religious education even by the government .  Nor is there any kind of restrictions , so we should give religious education to the children in any way.

What is the purpose of religious education?

The main purpose of religious education is mainly to attain prosperity and salvation, but before attaining salvation, the purpose of religion is to have kindness and love towards all people. also can not get religious education religious educationist teaches us to have love towards each and every person, to have a sense of kindness and to stay together with everyone.

What is the meaning of religious education in the constitution of India ?

The meaning of religious education in the constitution of India is clearly written in article 28 that any person has every right to practice and worship his religion in any way. You can follow your religion in any way, you can worship it, you can go to any temple, mosque, gurudwara and fulfill your wishes, you can worship yourself, you will not be stopped in any way, he is also completely free from the fact that

He can also be free from his religion. If a person does not want to follow his religion, then he can also be free from this work. It gives the right to freedom to follow his religion if a person wants to be free from it. So he is also given the right, in this way no restriction has been imposed by the Government of India, if anyone wants to believe, he can believe, if I want to be free, he can be free

What is the relation between religion and education ?

The basic education of religion is to know us non-violence, the basic education of religion is non-violence . By this we can understand the 1 quality of a human being.  “Morality,” what is more necessary for life, education or religion, education is necessary for real life But religion is most important for spiritual peace. Without religion we can never learn economic power and to live real life we have to take support of education.

What are the characteristics of religious education?

The characteristic of religious education is to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes regarding RI. First of all, when it comes to knowledge, religious education introduces us to very wonderful knowledge. It teaches children spiritual, moral, social and Provides an opportunity for cultural development by which our children can connect to the culture, their ethics and spiritual. It is largely based on Christianity but it also includes other major religions of the world as most of the people of Christian religion follow their religious beliefs. Education is being provided to their children and by this many people of different religions are not paying so much attention to their religious education as compared to their Christianity.

What are the three main stages of religious education?

The main three stages of religious education are learning, evaluation and commitment.


Learning means in which basically respecting all religions with equal ideals was for mental peace . And it has all and what is their  How does learning accelerate in this. where we all learn about religion . Its nuances and it is going to bring about final peace . and what is its specialty .the feelings that arise in us from religious peace are beneficial .learning, we learn the feeling of love and kindness, which makes our life very pleasant to live, if there is no kindness in a person’s life, then he cannot become a good person. If there is no feeling of love then he can never become a good person .for his family or his society so religious education is very important to become a good citizen

Evaluation –

Evaluation means the changes brought about by the school in the student’s behavior and due to its atom .  Which is the reaction of their interpretation . and the marks given accordingly are called Mulayam Se Shiksha Shastri Administrator Teacher can know the achievement limit of students and parents . Motivates students to study on the basis of soft curriculum teaching aids etc. necessary improvement can be done


Means devoting oneself to a person or purpose in making a commitment. That is, if we earn, dedicate ourselves and always fulfill it. It is called a commitment. Think, we should always commit after thinking carefully .Because we have to do bad on this thing. One comment has forced us to do many things.  Like some people ban not to do bad things. commit that there We will not do any bad deed, in this way we cry for commitment, we live up to our words.

Thus it shows that religious education is very important in our life .We should provide this education to every single person. What should we give to our children so that they can know themselves and know their culture well . Only then there can be a good structure. A good India can be developed, the role of education in defeat is a very good one. Which teaches us to be extremely citizens and has also taken our country forward. The culture and customs of our country- Tells the customs, otherwise in the coming time. Our coming generation will not know anything about our culture department or else people of different religions can mislead our children. By promoting their religion loudly can



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